About us

Pension for the elderly "New Life", a private nursing home in Kiev

In old age, physiological and mental conditions arise that require constant supervision and professional help. The consequences of cancer, heart attack or stroke, hip fracture, senile dementia, weakness - a list of the main pathological conditions that require daily care. This work requires patience, endurance, certain knowledge and skills..

A few years ago, a terminally ill person was handed over to relatives “on hand”. Symptomatic therapy was carried out at home. Private nursing homes and hospices in state institutions are opening today. Household chores, treatment and care will be taken care of by a nursing home. Relatives and children will be able to visit an elderly person at any time and delight him with their communication..

The hospice on a regular basis accepts elderly people who move independently, those who need constant help.

Here conditions are created for a comfortable stay, friendly atmosphere, conscientious staff, wholesome and tasty food. Qualified medical staff work for people with disabilities..